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Speaker Event
Aleksandar Nikolic Introduction to Capture The Flag Competitions

bandigarf Hello kernel! - Introduction to writing a Linux kernel module


BECHA RIPE_Atlas_probes_at_hackerspaces


BECHA How to take part in Internet Governance

BECHA Karma Server

Bernd Fix To live outside the law, you must be honest

Darko Fabijan Programming a zombie

Darko Lukić Project Demetra21

Divyanshu Shekhar The Tale Of SSL Invasion

Dušan Grujić, Dragan Toroman FPGA RETROspective

Đura Ćurčić - Novi Sad Cycling Initiative Bike Charger for Mobile


Eric Michaud Physical Security


Maja Asanovic Impact of Technology on Our Society

Mladen Đurić Mac: How Apple learned to stop worrying and fell in love with UNIX

Presentation and panel

Mladen Đurić Ethics: what is (actually is) and why is it important

Introductory and panel

Mohamed Saher Project cancer

Igor Nikolic Complexity, sustainability, hacking and you

1van Hands on web hacking


Vlatko Kosturjak Wonderful world of Distributed Version Control System

LUGoNS crew Rakija workshop


Marko Nikolic FLOSS for live audio performance


Tomaž Šolc The ultimate Galaksija talk: everything about a Yugoslavian microcomputer halfway between a TRS-80 and a ZX 80

Travis Goodspeed Portscanning Low Earth Orbit

Vuk How to make music with FLOSS


Valent Turković How to Make Balkan Darknet, sensor networks and make it available to everyone all in one step - Project Open network

Yury Chemerkin (In-)Efficiency of security features on mobile security and compliance

z0ran Firewalling with OpenBSD's PF (packet filtering) for beginners


Čaba Pardovicki LAMP, Drupal and everything else


Žarko Živanov Once Upon A Byte Corner


Željko Filipin How MediaWiki, software that runs Wikipedia, is tested

Miha Kitič (MiKi) and Žiga Mlinar (zxy_64) Development environment for atmel processors (beyond arduino) on linux