Marko Nikolic

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Born in 1978, crafting art since 1992. First it was poetry, music and drawing. Now, mostly music and moving images.

With more than 20 albums, made alone or in a band, still likes to explore and to experiment with sound. Last album in 2013. with Isidor Igić titled "Kuća strave 5" crafted entirely with FLOSS.

Young, but active FLOSS user since 2008. Lecturing about it, for few years now, mostly in Majdanpek at multimedia festival "Sound and Visions". As a co founder of the festival holds the section titled "Open source and the creativity in digital domain".

Got a M.Arch degree from Architectural faculty University of Belgrade and a D.A. degree in digital arts from University of Arts in Belgrade.


FLOSS for live audio performance