Ethics: what is (actually is) and why is it important

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by Mladen Djuric

Ethics... this word, term or idea (we started already in philosophy - we question and abstract) is among mostly misused words in any language (besides the champion, of course, and that is term "philosophy"). Everyone is talking about it, nearly everyday, everybody is claiming its principles or values and yet, there are many misconceptions about it, stemming from the mother of all wrong - lack of knowledge.

In any legal system there is one "catch": not knowing the law doesn't allow you to break it. Of course, no one reads or learns about all laws, not even lawyers (barristers, solicitors, attorneys). And yet, we get arrested only when we willingly do something wrong, e.g. commit the crime.

That means, somehow we know good from right. That "somehow" is the base of "being legally viable" or being a (reasonable) human after all.

This panel will be based in first part on classical philosophy introduction to ethics and in the second we will question moral in everyday life, in relationships, in work, in coding (practices) and even on should you kick computer or smash tablet just because you can.