How to Make Balkan Darknet, sensor networks and make it available to everyone all in one step - Project Open network

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by Valent Turković

Project Open networks are open minded people who want to allow free and open access to the Internet and new technologies, better and stronger connect people to the local community, share information and knowledge among the people, with the progress of the local community in a collaborative fashion.

Being a good neighbor that shares its internet with others who, for different reasons remain deprived of access to the global network, the basic idea behind the international project "Open Network" which is free to include everyone, regardless of the country and a place where are.

"Open Network" is intended as a sharing of parts of its own Internet traffic with their neighbors, or use the neighbor's portion of Internet traffic. With access to the Internet is very important to us freely sharing knowledge through the lectures and workshops. The project aims to create a free internet for all of educating the public about the technologies that are used for this purpose, and allowing a better understanding of modern technology. Tadođer, one of the most important goals of the project is to create a platform that will be open to a variety of other activities, from Internet access for citizens and tourists, to allow free phone calls within the network, to installing web cameras and sensors for measuring temperature, noise, rainfall and other data.

An average internet user spends about 10% of the total amount of data traffic that his Internet connection can be missed during the month, so why not to share a small part?

The main characteristics of "Open Network" are easy to install and use, resilience to failures and sabotage, economic feasibility, independence, education, and, as noted above, free internet access for all.

Technical and legal issues are resolved in a way that does not give users direct output from a home router but allow them to pass to the central server. This connection between the central server and home network is achieved by placing additional routers necessary for the functioning of an open network. This means that access to the Internet is technically and legally resolved: all traffic travels first to the central server, and the output of the IP address is that of a central server. As for the legal aspect, the responsibility for eventual downloading illegal content exclusively to service providers that give access to the internet as users and project participants do not assume any risk or responsibility.

The project brings together a variety of existing wireless community and is one of the goals and make all existing wireless networked communities in the area around the Balkans and beyond, and make our own global network - Balkan darknet.