Mac: How Apple learned to stop worrying and fell in love with UNIX

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by Mladen Djuric

Everyone have heard about Apple, Mac(intosh) and most notably of some iDevices like iPhone or iPad. I'll try not only to shed some light on processes (why and how) behind the scenes Mac OS X came to being but also provide you with opportunity to test your tolerance and debunk some (both bad and good) myths about the whole thing. Therefore I am calling you to prepare you questions (or traps for me) and take active participation in the panel. If we both manage to avoid "flame wars" we will all win.

It is a very strange story how a vision of one man have gone from Apple I (wooden) personal computer to modern day iMac powered with state of art Intel processor. It is even more strange to see how some iPhone fits in the picture. But it is also the case to see how one can be different and not only to survive but to make a cult.

Here, it is not about religion or liking, it is about reasoning. We may (or may not) like appearance of Apple built hardware but you will find it very hard not to appreciate the strength needed to evolve from Motorola 68k family to POWERPC to Intel and how that battle was won.

The rest is known even to your gran'ma.