How MediaWiki, software that runs Wikipedia, is tested

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by Željko Filipin
The software that runs Wikipedia, [MediaWiki][1], is developed in the open just like Wikipedia itself. This talk will cover how MediaWiki is tested, along with mistakes and successes made along the way.

[The code][3] and [Jenkins jobs][4] are visible to everybody. Only one file with passwords is hidden. If you are interested in contributing, you will learn how to [get involved][2].

I will mention one pattern, [page object][5], and a lot of tools: [Git][6], [Ruby][7], [RVM][8], [RubyGems][9], [Cucumber][10], [Selenium WebDriver][11], [Watir][12], [Bundler][13], [page-object gem][14], [RubyMine][15], [Jenkins][16], [CloudBees][17], [Sauce Labs][18] and probably a few more.

I think it is important to have a few reference implementations of open source test automation projects available to everybody. This is our contribution.