Tomaž Šolc

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I'm curious by nature and find satisfaction in exploring, understanding and making things. I can get interested in most topics that have something to do with electronics, software, physics or mechanical engineering.
I'm an electronics engineer with an University diploma degree in electronics from University of Ljubljana. I was a member of Ljubljana's hackerspace Kiberpipa and the Slovenian computer museum.
During my undergraduate study I have reverse engineered Galaksija's hardware and software design and traced back its origins. I have designed and made a working replica using modern CMOS logic that preserves Galaksija's features, look and DIY-nature as much as possible. I am also the author of a number of Galaksija demos and a Free software Galaksija developer's kit. This work has been presented in a number of retro-computing events and talks.
I currently work as a research assistant at the Jožef Stefan Institute on advanced radio technologies. I have experience in analog and digital circuit design and layout, signal analysis, programming from embedded systems to the web, parallel computing, computer security, Unix system administration and semantic technologies.
My blog


The ultimate Galaksija talk: Everything about a Yugoslavian microcomputer halfway between a TRS-80 and a ZX 80