Programming a zombie

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Programming a zombie by Darko Fabijan

Creating applications that always work is a hard and challenging task. They have to be concurent, distributed, fault tolerant and must have ability to raise themselfs from dead.
I will introduce you to Elixir, a new programming language that is fun and easy to use. Also it gives you power to summon undead. Elixir is packed with best-practices of modern programming languages and it is built on 20 years old rock-solid virtual machine technology. You will see how easy it is to create and command an army of minion processes. And the best part is that they will always be there for you. If any of them dies it will be automatically raised from dead and will continue where it stopped.
This talk will describe the problem of creating something that will always run. I will present a basic concepts behind Elixir and guide you thorough a practical example where we will see how and why programs and computers tend to crash. And as a last step we will see how we can crate a cure.