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Few decades later, still not sure about what should be my main title.
Awaken at the dawn of personal computer revolution, went from programming TI-57 in codes (TI-59 was for rich, fancy geeks), TRS-80, ZX 81 and Spectrum in Z80 assembly, done 6502 on C64, been in PC with low-level assembly drivers, went up in C (never catch that C++ although understood OOP and still does), missed coding on Mac to land in web development now.
After brief graphic struggle on PC, went on Mac in 1996 and never looked back. Turned from hardware builder to serviceman, to sales to give upon completely. Still in love with small things like Raspberry Pi.
I tend to call myself mathematician although that is probably my weakest field. Very strong in logic that inspired me to bend over philosophy. (still) Unrealized lecturer always in good will to share knowledge. Still foolish to explore and embrace new while still hungry to learn as much as time allows (and more).
Life is not short. Life is what we make of it.



Mac: How Apple learned to stop worrying and fell in love with UNIX and

Ethics: what is (actually is) and why is it important