Dušan Grujić, Dragan Toroman

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Dušan Grujić, Co-Founder & CTO of NovelIC

Mr. Dušan Grujić is a graduate of School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, with Dipl. Ing. diploma. Currently he is finishing his PhD thesis at University of Belgrade, on the subject of integrated circuit design for 60 GHz communications. His interests include very high speed & RF integrated circuit design, as well as retro & reconfigurable (soft) computing. Before co-founding NovelIC, Dušan was working for international chip design company, and as Head of Applied Physics and Electronics Department at Petnica Science Center. At NovelIC he hold a position of Chief Technical Officer for Analog/Mixed Signal & RF design.

Dragan Toroman, Chief of Computer Science Department, Petnica Science Center

He was there when retro was cutting edge techonology. Working in the field of extracurricular science education, he is a great Linux supporter. Also doing software development, Linux server and network administation, as well as IT consultancy and traiining in Serbia and abroad.


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