Eric Michaud

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Rift Recon. Director of Hardware Curation at Exploit Hub. Eric has advised on physical security, lockpicking, and starting hackerspaces since 2004. Eric is the co-founder of i11 Industries, an interdisciplinary think tank, advising on R&D, physical security, testing and analysis, to organizational advising, forecasting and strategy. Eric started, HacDC and Pumping Station One, and has advised numerous hackerspaces helping bring the movement to over 900 locations around the world. Since then Eric has helped many hackerspaces with fundraising in their early stages.

Eric co-founded College of Lockpicking and has taught workshops around the world bringing locksport to thousands of people. Eric's skill opening impossible-to-pick locks earned him a place in locksport history with the "Michaud Attack." He was previously on the Board of Directors for TOOOL US. He is referenced widely in academic papers, talks, and books including "Open In Thirty Seconds."


Physical Security