Igor Nikolic

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Igor is an Assistant Professor at the Energy and Industry group, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management faculty, Delft University of Technology. In his research he specializes in applying complex adaptive systems theory, agent based modeling and evolutionary theory to model industry and infrastructure network evolution. He takes a heavy hint from evolutionary biology and ecosystem behavior in his understanding of industrial ecology and socio-technical system evolution. He is an active networker and promoter of open source and social software that enables collaborative, multidisciplinary research work. Igor graduated for his MSc with honors as a chemical- and bio-process engineer from Delft University of Technology. In his M.Sc. thesis he presented an agent based model of gene flow from GMO crops to surrounding plant populations. After his graduation, he spent several years as an environmental researcher and consultant at University of Leiden, Institute for Environmental Science (CML), where he worked on life cycle analysis (LCA) , material/substance flow analysis (MFA/SFA) and has specialized in industrial ecology. He has received his PhD thesis in November 2009. His thesis work focused on the design of a co-evolutionary method for constructing Agent Based Models of the evolution of Large Scale Socio-Technical systems.


Complexity, sustainability, hacking and you